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School of Vocational Education (SVE) 

The School of Vocational Education (SVE) was set up by Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) in December 2011.
It has been a long-felt necessity to align higher education with the emerging needs of the economy to ensure that graduates of the higher education system have adequate knowledge and skills for employment and entrepreneurship.
The higher education system has to incorporate the requirements of various industries in its curriculum, innovatively and flexibly, to produce holistic and well-groomed graduates.

The SVE runs courses on the Work Integrated Training Programme (WITP) approach, providing the students an opportunity to enhance their skills and gain workplace-based industry experience as a part of their degree/certification programme.
The on-the-floor experience is built around the context of the skillset, enabling the students to learn by observing and working on active jobs.
The SVE provides the requisite standardized and structured theory sessions as per Bachelor guidelines while inducting the students into the work settings. The SVE delivers Work Integrated Training Programme which is also an internship embedded programme by engaging with various Skill Knowledge Providers (SKPs).
The Skill Knowledge Partners for Skill Training (KPST) provide on-the-job training. WITP allows for the 'work while you Learn’ feature that enables the students to earn a stipend during on-the-job duration of the course of training. Although this is not mandatory for any institution, it is a practice that SVE strongly encourages its Skill Knowledge Providers to adopt.