MPhil PhD Admissions

MPhil PhD FAQs

1. Question: I would like to apply for the M.Phil programme at TISS and would like to know whether you have any part time Ph. D programmes which can be done from long distance.

Answer: If you are admitted to the M.Phil Programme, course work will be mandatory. You would be required to attend lectures that are held across two semesters. In the second year of the programme, students go for data collection (field work) and write their M.Phil dissertation. Hence, if you would like to apply for a programme that offers flexibility in attending course work, a ‘direct’ PhD programme would be a more appropriate choice for you.


2. Question: I am a postgraduate and have 20 years experience in rural development work. I would like to do PhD in your institute. Since I am working, it may not be possible to take up a regular course, so I wish to know whether your institute is offers correspondence course ?

Answer: We do not have correspondence course in PhD, but you could work for your PhD from wherever you are and visit the Institute as often as required to meet with the Research supervisor, Doctoral Advisory Committee members and conduct your Ph. D seminars. You are also required to submit a six-monthly report, through their guide. In addition to the same, since you have last degree is several years back, you will be asked to do some course work in research methodology for which you will have to spend some time at the Institute. Do go through the prospectus.


3. Question: What is meant by course work? In which cases will the scholar be asked to undertake the course work? What will be the total duration of course work,? Whether they are on Saturday & Sunday. Or Evening / Regular. Whether the classes are conducted at other locations.

Answer: Students admitted into the ‘Direct’ Ph.D. programme who do not have an M.Phil degree will have to attend modular workshops (details in prospectus). For students entering into the M.Phil programme, two year course work is mandatory. Classes are generally held on weekdays. However, some class might also be scheduled on weekends. Modular Workshops are also conducted at the TISS Hyderabad and Guwahati campuses, apart from the Mumbai Campus.

Lectures are held across two semesters beginning from early July of each year.


4. Question: Does TISS provide the placement assistance after M.Phil / Ph. D completion?

Answer: No. We do not have this practice for M. Phil. and PhD students.


5. Question: Do I need to approach the potential supervisor myself?

Answer: Yes, applicants can approach/contact faculty at the Institute for supervision. However, the final allocation of guides will be done in consultation with the Dean/Chairperson of the respective School/Independent Centre.