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Ph.D. Admission Notification 2023


For the Academic Year 2023, the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) is inviting Ph.D. applications across Mumbai Campus and Hyderabad & Guwahati Off Campuses in the following thematic areas as stated below.  Each programme has delineated the themes under which applications are invited for the academic year 2023:

Ph.D. Coursework


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Doctor of Philosophy Programmes

Doctor of Philosophy: Selected candidates will be required to complete minimum of 12 credits, including a “Research and Publication Ethics” course.


Sr. No.

Ph.D. Thematice Areas

Number of Seats

Mumbai Campus

Sir Dorabji Tata Memorial Library

Ph.D. in Library and Information Science


Digital Libraries, Information services, Cataloguing and metadata, Classification and ontology, Knowledge Management, Data mining and semantic web, Scientometrics, Health informatics, Information discovery, Information retrieval, Assistive technologies, Green libraries, Artificial Intelligence (A.I) Applications in Libraries, Research Data Management, etc.


School of Health Systems Studies

Ph.D. in Health Services Management


Nutrition and health (with special focus on marginalised and underprivileged populations),

Maternal and child health, sexual and reproductive health,

Hospital and health services administration,

Population dynamics and health, migration, gender, urbanisation and health, child and adolescent health Aging and health,

Digital health, urban health, social and spatial health inequalities.


Ph.D. in Public Health


Health systems management with healthcare services delivery systems, health financing, and health inequity and comparative health systems,

Sociology of medical practice/medical anthropology, social epidemiology approach to public health problems, mental health (with special focus on marginalised and underprivileged populations), non-communicable disease social epidemiology,

Health information, evidence and policy, health programmes evaluation, health data and information systems,

Availability, access and utilisation of health services (in rural and urban areas), health status of marginalised sections, Dalit and Tribal health issues.



School of Management and Labour Studies

Ph.D. in Management and Labour Studies


Social entrepreneurship and Women Entrepreneurship, Value chains, Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability, Social Innovations, Financial Inclusion and Microfinance, Operations Management. 

Customer engagement, electronic word of mouth, investor behaviour, financial services marketing, sales management, Employer Branding, Social Marketing.

Organisational Behavior, Human Resource Management, Labour Relations, and Diversity and Inclusion.

Caste, gender, feminism, buddhism and management, social order and business/management.

Labour Market, Social Networks and Knowledge Activity.


School of Habitat Studies

Ph.D. in Habitat Studies


Environmental Jurisprudence and Forest Governance

Climate Change and Sustainable Governance Urban Redevelopment, Historic City Neighbourhoods,Contested Cities City-making by communities
Housing rights, Urban Social Movements Climate Change and Gender, WASH, and Gender, Gender, Urban Space and Right to Everyday Life
Engendering Local Governance

Political Economy and Mediated Governance
Irrigation Management and Rural Development
Water, Climate Smart, and Resilient Agriculture
Measuring Policy and Regulatory Outcomes with Focus on its Impacts on Sectoral Performance
Behavioural Analysis of Policy and Regulatory Outcomes with Focus on Structural Equation Modelling
Foody System and Sustainability
Risk Governance in India with a focus on Food safety


Community participation in drinking water schemes
Rural drinking water and social transformation
Gender and water management
Rural decentralization and drinking water
Capacity building for rural drinking with security















School of Development Studies

Ph.D. in Development Studies


Public Finance and Public Choice

Feminist Theories and Perspectives, Gender and Human Rights

Reproductive Health, Primary Health Care, Population Anthropology, Community Nutrition and Development 


School of Media and Cultural Studies

Ph.D. in Media and Cultural Studies


Urban Spatiality, Sexualities, Friendship, Feminisms, News Media and Journalism, Labour and Livelihood, Participatory Cultures, Community Media, Young People and Media, Cinema Studies, Alternative Cinema, Media Industries, Visual Cultures


School of Social Work

Ph.D. in Social Work


Tribes North East Migration

Tribal Migration

Buddhist Studies

Child rights, child protection, juvenile justice system, child in conflict with law, missing children, child labour, street living children, child abuse

Disability , Family  Children and Women

Violence Against Women, Gender Issues, Transgender Issues, mensucular eating

Inclusion, Health, Mental Health, Disablity, Education, Family, Assistive Technology and Gender  


Centre for Excellence in Teacher Education (CETE)

Ph.D. in Education


Teacher Professional Development (TPD)

Culture and Cognition

Science Technology and Mathematics Education (STEM)


Jamsetji Tata School of Disaster Studies

Ph.D. in Disaster Studies


Disaster Mental health and Well-being

Geospatial Science & Technologies in Disaster Management

Landslides and Slope Stability Assessment

Integrated Geospatial and Decision Science Approaches for Climate Change Adaptation

Disaster Risk Reduction in Coastal Agglomerations

Floods and River Bank Erosion: Policy, Politics and Governance issues

Participation, Institutions and Governance in the context of water hazards



School of Human Ecology

Ph.D. in Applied Psychology


Health psychology - health and wellbeing, lifestyle diseases and their impact on mental health

Identity studies 

Marriage and divorce and impacts on families and children

Therapeutic interventions

Psychotherapy training and practice 

Gender and mental health



Hyderabad Off Campus

School of Educational Studies

Ph.D. in Education


Inclusive and special education, Educational inequalities among marginalised groups; Socio-emotional learning, well-being and education in schools, Counselling in schools, Student mental health, Violence in Schools

Science Education, Design & Technology Education/ STEAM education, Early Childhood Education, Teacher Education, Assessment & Learning

Pedagogy and assessment in higher education & Education for sustainable development


Ph.D. in Social Sciences


Sprawling in Peri-Urban Spaces in Cities

Rural Livelihoods

Environmental Governance in Cities

Mobility in Cities


School of Gender Studies

Ph.D. in Women’s Studies


Social-economic embeddedness of health and well-being in cities

Human Trafficking, Migration of Women; Gender-based Violence



Guwahati Off Campus

Ph.D. in Social Sciences


Health;Mental Health and Illness particularly in relation to Women and Children ; Impact of  conflict on Mental Health,; Sexuality and Gender;  Social Work and Social Work Education

Gender studies, intersectional feminism and northeast India; Cultural Studies; Legal Pluralism; Public, Legal and Religious Institutions. 

Gender; Livelihood; Microfinance; Migration; Social Entrepreneurship and innovation; Rural Development Programmes and Policies.

Gender and Politics; Indian Politics, Democratisation; Politics in Northeast India; Citizenship

Labour Studies/Economics; Develop0ment Studies; Rural Development and Agrarian Issues; Tribal Issues of Economic Development/Natural Resources; Poverty, Food Security and Employment 

Utilization of Health Services; Health Seeking Behavior by the Vulnerable Section, STI/HIV/AIDS, Stigma and Discrimination, Care & Support and Substance Abuse 

Livelihoods, Social Work and Policy Practice, Decen tralisation and Governance, Leadership, Policy Analysis (Education, Agriculture and Livelihood Issues), Politics and Marginalised, Caste and Discrimination, CSR, Network Analysis and Systems Thinking



Tuljapur Off Campus

Ph.D. in Rural Development


Rural Development, Social exclusion, Tribal Studies, Education 

Political ecology, Development, Public policy and governance, caste/community studies, Education


(Social Work-3

Social Sciences-3)