MPhil PhD Admissions

About M.Phil. and Ph.D.

TISS invites applications for the M.Phil. and Ph.D. Programmes (academic year 2020) with the various Schools and Independent Centres of the Institute across TISS Mumbai, Tuljapur and Hyderabad Campuses. UGC JRF qualified candidates, post graduates, students in the final year post graduation in Social Sciences and allied fields and individuals with M.Phil and / or industrial, academic and field based experience in Social Sciences, Social Work, Disaster Studies, Development Studies and allied fields are invited to apply.

Admission to the M.Phil. programme &  Ph. D. programme will be in the following Research Areas :

Sr. No. Research Areas Mumbai Campus - No. of seats*
     M. Phil.      Ph. D.
1. Habitat Studies 5 2
2. Public Health & Health Services Management 10 8
3. Management and Labour Studies 10 2
4. Social Work 15 15
5. School of Human Ecology (Applied Psychology) 8 3
6. Library - 0*
7. Women's Studies 10 0*
8. Development Studies 15 2
9. Social Sciences (to be anchored by School of Research Methodology) 8 0*
10. Inclusive Development and Social Justice 10 -
11. Social Sciences with Specialisation in Sociology of Education 6 -
12. Media and Cultural Studies - 0*
13. Social Sciences (to be anchored by Centre for Lifelong Learning) - 0*
14. Education 10 2
15. Psychiatric Social Work (to be anchored by School of Social Work) 8 -
16. Disaster Studies 6 3


Sr. No. Research Areas Tuljapur Campus -No. of seats
     M. Phil  Ph. D.
1. Rural Development 10 0*
Sr. No. Research Areas Hyderabad Campus - No. of seats
    M. Phil.  Ph. D.
1. Education 0* 0*
2. Social Sciences 0* 6
3. Womens Studies 0* 0*
Sr. No. Research Areas Guwahati Campus - No. of seats
    M. Phil. Ph. D.
1 Social Sciences 16 -

* Will not be offered this year


About the Programme
The M. Phil. Programme is a two year full time Programme. All the candidates admitted to the M. Phil  Programme will follow a common course curriculum (see webpage on Social Sciences). However, for M. Phil in Education*, Women's Studies, Health System Studies, Rural Development, Development Studies, Disaster Studies*, Inclusive Development and Social Justice there will be a subject specific taught M. Phil. Programme of four semesters. The first year of the programme comprises of course work while in the second year, students will work towards completing their M.Phil Dissertation.

The Ph.D. Programme is designed for candidates with a minimum of five years of post-graduate relevant experience in the field being proposed for research by the candidate. Selected candidates can pursue Ph.D. either by staying on the TISS campus (subject to availability of accommodation) or from whichever location they are based in. TISS does not make any distinction among research scholars as full time and part time. However, selected candidates who are not residing in the Campus, are expected to be in touch with the research guide, attend modular programmes/courses (also applicable for direct on campus PhD scholars who do not hold an M.Phil degree), pay fees regularly, ensure timely submission of progress reports and fulfill the necessary requirements of the Ph.D. programme.

Ph.D. students will also need to be complete the mandatory coursework for Direct Ph.D. students (offered in two modules of two weeks each during the first semester) at the Mumbai Campus.