M.A. Admissions

M.A. Selection Procedure

TISS Admissions 2020

Admissions to Masters (Master of Arts / Master of Science / B.Ed-M.Ed Integrated) Programmes

Selection Procedure (New From 2020-21)

Please note changes in the admission process from the year 2020-21.

Candidates are advised to read the guidelines given below.

Admissions to Masters Programmes at TISS is done through a two-stage process with three components.

Stage 1: TISS-NET (TISS National Entrance Test) – TISS-NET is a common screening test for all Masters Programmes across all the campuses and centres. TISS-NET is aimed at shortlisting candidates for Stage 2 based on differential cut-offs for different programmes depending on the number of seats, number of applicants and the scores secured by the candidates.


PLEASE NOTE: Candidates applying for (i) MA Human Resource Management & Labour Relations (HRM &LR) and (ii) MA Organisation Development, Change and Leadership (ODCL) of Mumbai Campus will have a Management Aptitude Test (TISS-MAT) conducted along with TISS-NET for 45 marks for a duration of 30 mins. The score for MAT will be added to the PIT score of the shortlisted candidates while preparing the final score for the selection. 

Stage 2:  PIT / PI (Pre-Interview Test and Personal Interview) – PIT/PI are programme specific and might have variations across different programmes. Some of the programmes have Group Discussions (GD) or Aptitude Test (AT) as part of PIT. The details of programme specific components are provided against each of the programmes.

THE SCORES FOR PIT AND PI WILL BE IN AGGREGATED IN THE RATIO 70:30 FOR FINAL SELECTION. In the case of candidates applying for (i) MA HRM&LR and (ii) MA ODCL the scores for TISS-MAT, PIT and PI will be aggregated in the ratio 30:40:30.

Merit List preparation:

1.   Programme wise Open (Unreserved) Merit List (OML) will be prepared on the basis of (i) the aggregate score as above and (ii) the candidate’s preference of programmes as given in the online application form. OML will be prepared without consideration of the category they have applied, thus providing opportunity for all candidates to get selected in the OML depending on their aggregate score.

2.   After considering all the candidates in OML, separate Category wise Merit List (CML) will be drawn for the number of seats reserved for each category as per the Government of India / University Grants Commission regulations on the matter.

3.   In case of a tie between two candidates with their aggregate score for selection as above the following framework will be used to select the candidate


Sl.No. Situation of Tie in Selection will be based on Higher
1. Final Score (PIT and PI) PI Score
2. If also in PI Score PIT Score
3. PIT Score too TISS-NET Score
4. TISS-NET Score too Age

4.   Each candidate will be able to view the score card indicating the score received in each of the components (TISS-NET, TISS-MAT (if applicable), PIT and PI) in addition to the aggregate score.

Rules for preparation of the wait-list

1.   Preparation of Wait List for each of the programme and categories will be done following the same rules as for Merit List.

2.   Candidates who get admission to the programme of their first preference will not be on wait-lists for any other programme mentioned in their list of preferences.

3.   Candidates, who receive an admission in a programme lower in their order of preferences, will be retained in the wait-list of a preference higher in the order, till the seats in that programme are filled.

4.   When a candidate who has already taken admission in a programme as per the first merit list is subsequently offered the higher preference when the wait list is activated, such candidate will be moved into the programme of higher preference and they will have no claim for the lower preference. In such cases no requests for retaining the admission in the lower preference will be entertained.

Please Note:

If you have any question or queries related to Admissions 2020 contact the Admissions Helpline on 022 - 25525252 / admissionsinfo@tiss.edu

TISS  does not  take responsibility for any information provided by any source other than  (i) http://admissions.tiss.edu  (ii) https://appln.tiss.edu and (iii) Admissions Helpline as above.