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How to Apply?

 The International Admission Process follows the following steps/ stages  

  • Step 1:  Visit the link – to know about Courses offered by TISS from Mumbai and other campuses (Tuljapur/ Guwahati and Hyderabad) and basic eligibility Criteria.

  • Step 2:  In-case of specific queries/ doubts/ checking eligibility/ documents etc – please contact or +91-22-2552 5920 (between 10 am to 6 pm – Mon to Fri).

  • Step 3: Students have to apply only through the Online International Application Platform - ( for Full-time Programmes along with the payment of application fees to complete the admission process. 

  • Step 4: Application Deadline – the Online Application form, should be submitted as per follows: 

    ·        Dual Degree in Master of Arts in International Development Practice (TISS) and Masters in International Development Practice(Monash University):  22nd April, 2024

    ·       Dual Degree in M.A Social Entrepreneurship and International Business (TISS) and M.Sc in International Business (QMUL) - 22nd April, 2024

    ·       Dual Degree in Masters in Global Urban Development(SciencesPo,Paris,France) and Masters in Global Urban Development(TISS, Mumbai)  – closed

    ·       Dual Degree in Master of Arts in Public Policy and International Relations (TISS Hyderabad) and Masters in International Relations (Macquarie University)– 10th May, 2024

    All other Master Degree Programme at TISS for International Students – closed

  • Step 5: Short-listed candidates will undergo - “Online Written Test” or “International Entrance Test” in Late April/May 2024.

  • Step 6: The online interview for the Short-listed Candidates will be conducted in Late April/ May 2024 (dates will be communicated later).

  • Step 7:  Selection of Candidates will be communicated shortly after the interview process.

  • Step 8: Students have to confirm acceptance of admission in order to receive Offer/ Visa letter from TISS

Stage 1: Application Process - Online Application Form

  1. International applicants have to apply to the interested programme(s) through the Online Application portal – link available on the website.

  2. The stepwise information about the steps of the Online application process is available on the website.

  3. As part of the application process, the students have to pay - application processing charges of US$ 100 for the first programme and US$ 50 for any additional programme/ second preference (mandatory and non-refundable).

  4. Students have to ensure that, all the mandatory fields of the Online Admission Form are filled in/ completed correctly.

  5. The application form requires International students to upload scanned copies of the Original Certificates (degree/ diploma/ work experience, etc) and other supporting documents listed in Annexure I. The students have to keep the respective documents ready to complete the process.

  6. It is mandatory to pay the application processing charges to complete the International application process.

  7. To understand the stepwise process for filing the Online Application Form - please check the document - on Stepwise Process for Online Application Process 

Stage 2: Selection Procedure:

After the successful completion of the International application process – the short-listed International students will be selected for the next step of the selection process. The selection of International students is done via TWO MODES OF EVALUATION PROCESS:

A) An Online Written Essay Test

B) Online interview

Both the assessments hold equal weightage (100 marks each). The passing grade requirement to qualify for the next stage is 35 marks in each evaluation process.

I) Online Written Essay Test / International Entrance Test (IET)

  • The Online Written Essay Test/ International Entrance Test (IET) is a unique time-bound test of (100 marks) which will start with the first login and it has to be finished within 03 hours period (in the same login). The test paper is divided into two parts:

    • Part 1 - (50 marks): will have questions relating to General knowledge, English Proficiency (reading and comprehension, vocabulary etc), Maths and logical reasoning

    • Part 2 (50 marks): Will consist of subject-specific descriptive questions for the applied programme.

  • The written test platform will be opened for a period of 03-05 days in the month of January of the respective academic year to help International applicants from different time zones to complete the written test process.

  • The students have an option to undergo a demo test to ensure that they have understood the paper and how to attempt the same before appearing for the final paper.

  • The short-listed applicant can log in at any time (according to their location, convenience and time zones) during the written test period and attempt the test. However, once they log in and start the test, they must finish it within 3 hours/ 180 mins (in the same attempt).

  • The test will close automatically once the time is up. Whatever questions the candidate has answered/ submitted within the stipulated time period will be considered as final answers.

  • Students will be assessed on different criteria like Conceptual clarity; Critical Analysis; Ability to communicate ideas; idea of Global Issues and overall Understanding of the subject area.

  • International Entrance Test / Written Test (Part I & II) is a mandatory procedure and failure to complete the Written Test will result in disqualification from the further Admission Process.

II) Online Interview:

  • The online interview for all the short-listed candidates will be conducted in April. The weightage of the online interview is 100 Marks.

  • A team of senior panel members/ caculty members will interview the concerned applicant. This will be a mixed panel and efforts will be taken to include faculty members from applied Schools/ programmes.

  • The time-slots will be decided as per the availability of the panelist and in accordance with the time-zone/ preference of the candidates.

  • Only those students, who successfully completed the written test and online interviews will be communicated their final selection.

  • Kindly note, personal accomplishments/ academic achievements, work experience and overall background will also be considered during the admission process.

Stage 3: Post Selection:

  1. All selected International applicants will receive an email from the International Office confirming the final selection and the information about securing the admission.

  2. On confirmation of joining from the student, a provisional admission letter will be sent to the candidate in the month of April/ May to help the selected student to secure a 'Student Visa' to Study in India (if applicable).

  3. For International students - The Student Visa is a compulsory GoI requirement for admission to the Institute.

  4. The visa should indicate: (i) the name of the Institute, (ii) title of the programme, and (iii) the period of study at the Institute.

  5. Upon arrival, all provisionally selected International students will have to undergo mandatory medical examination (Physical & Psychometric test) and get the HIV and medical fitness certificate to be considered for final admission process and eligible to join the programme.

  6. The candidate should produce original documents at the time of verification of documents. Upon verification, the original documents will be returned to the candidates immediately.

  7. Admission of International Students will be confirmed only after verification of original certificates, medical fitness test, and payment of the required fees.

  8. All International Students who have a visa beyond 180 days have to compulsory register with the Foreigner Regional Registration Office (FRRO) or local police, within 2 weeks of arrival in India.

  9. A student may be allowed to withdraw temporarily from the programme, provided he/she has successfully completed the first semester.

  10. A student will have to complete the entire programme within a maximum period of 4 years from the date of admission. This applies to those who are granted temporary withdrawal from the programme, or repeat a semester/course or appear for supplementary/improvement.

  11. During the extended period, the student will be considered as a private candidate and also not be eligible for ranking and award of prizes.

  12. A student must satisfactorily complete all compulsory requirements, and accumulate the requisite credits as on date of completion of a particular programme in order to become eligible for the degree.

  13. For more information about the rules and regulations, please refer to the admissions website/ TISS prospectus.