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Aug. 5, 2020 - Aug. 9, 2020

TISS-BAT is an Online Entrance Examination conducted in Remote Proctoring Assessment (RPA) mode with one-hour duration (including reading instructions), having only Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ). The BAT examination will be conducted on August 09, 2020 from 2pm to 3pm. RPA means that you can attend the examination being at your location through online mode, monitored by examination invigilators (proctors) and based on the below requirements and instructions.


Examination Date


Candidate Login time

Login Closes at



Examination Session


August 09, 2020


Online Entrance Examination

1:00pm – 2:00pm


2:00 pm – 2:15 pm

2:15 - 3.00 pm

45 Mins

The exam will have 40 Multiple Choice Questions to be attempted in 45 minutes with NO Break between the three sections.

There will also be NO Negative Marking.



Section Name

Total Questions

Topics (These are indicative)


General Awareness


History |Geography | Media | Sports | Films | Literature | Environment | Policies |Polity | Culture | Science


Mathematics and Logical Reasoning


Arithmetic | Geometry | Logical Reasoning | Ratio Proportion | Time Distance | Number Series | Data Interpretation


Verbal Ability


Synonyms | Antonyms | Find the odd one out |

Fill in the blank(s) | Correct the sentence | Identify the error | Reading Comprehension



  Laptop with webcam & Earphones

  Desktop with webcam & Earphones

  Smartphone with front camera (Android phones ONLY)

2.Internet connectivity

  At least 512 KBPS or above (1GB recommended).

  You can check your internet speed on this link -

  The maximum bandwidth required per day is 1 GB for attending the BAT successfully.


  Google Chrome browser version (Version 84.0.4147.89)

  Please check the version of Google Chrome – Go to the top right corner of the browser and click the - option settings – About Browser (Left corner) – if the version is lower, can download chrome from:-

4.Email and Phone Number

  Make sure that your registered mail ID & mobile number are working and you may receive call and/or check your spam mail also to get information sent by TISS regarding BAT.


1.Google Chrome settings: - You need to allow Google Chrome to use camera & microphone when         the application asks for. This is mandatory, without which you will NOT be able to attend the BAT.

   Smart phone users can- Go to Settings -> Go to Applications -> Google Chrome -> Permissions ->       Allow permission for Camera & Microphone.

2.Laptop / Desktop users will need to allow permission to Chrome browser to use camera & microphone on the pop-up window.

3.Please test your Webcam / front camera using the link below : (test this link in Google Chrome browser only)

4.Important: Make sure there is sufficient light in the room where you sit to attend the BAT. The proctor (invigilator) will identify you & monitor your movements during exam. If the proctor fail to identify you before the BAT, due to low light and/or any other reasons, you will not be allowed to continue the exam.

5.Turn off notifications in apps and browser popups to avoid examination termination.

* You have to turn off notifications from all apps that could possibility distract you during exam- such as, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram and all such other apps.

* Smartphone users can go to settings -> Applications -> Select the App-> Notifications -> Turn off all notifications.

6.Inform all your family members and friends that they should not call you during the examination hours.

7.Please note that notifications and incoming calls would be considered as warning alerts and may cause termination of exam.


You will receive examination details on your registered email - one day prior to the date of examination and it will contain the examination link, user ID & password. In case you have not received the examination details within the defined timeline, please contact TISS Care, 022 2552 5252 or send mail to


Instructions to be followed before 60 minutes prior to the examination

  • Get settled at a silent place with your device ready- before 60 minutes of scheduled examination time.
  • Make sure you are sitting alone. Turn off TV, Radio or any other sound systems that could distract you.
  • Make sure your device is fully charged & have power back-up / power bank / charging facility – in case your device drains out of charge during the examination.
  • Test your computer, laptop or smart phone (which you intend to use for taking the exam) to ensure that it is working well. (Please note, you may not be able to appear for the examination if web camera OR microphone  attached with your system is non-functional)
  • Put your Smart phones on silent mode & make sure your apps notifications are turned off.
  • If you are using laptop or desktop, you are required to disable antivirus updates/windows updates which might create disturbance during the exam.
  • Keep your valid Government Photo ID for verification. One of the valid ID proofs like Aadhar card, Pan card, Voter Id, Passport, Driving License, ID card issued by the school/college etc. should be shown to the proctor before starting the exam.

Instructions to be followed before 30 minutes prior to the exam

  1. Go to your registered email and open the email received from TISS (check in the spam mail box also). Click on the examination page link to login to your examination page.In case you face any issue in opening the link, copy the link and paste it in a chrome browser.
  2. Upon clicking the link, examination login page will open in your Chrome browser. You need to login with user id & password you have received/mentioned in the email.
  3. Follow the instructions to complete the candidate ID verification. Keep your photo ID card ready in your hand (Please watch online demo to understand this better )
  4. You identity will be verified with the Government Valid ID proof by the proctor and upon successful verification, the examination will begin on a scheduled time and you can start attempting questions. If fail to produce a valid photo ID proof, you will not be allowed to attend the exam.


You are required to login 60min prior to the examination time. Late joining to the examination will not be permitted any circumstances.

  1. During the exam, you should not switch to any other screen, move out of the web camera and/or open any other applications/browser. Attempt to do any of these will be treated as unfair means and you will be immediately terminated from the examination and will not be allowed to resume. In case disconnected due to genuine network connectivity issues, you may connect back to the examination immediately and explain to proctor the reason for disconnection. It is at the discretion of the proctor to allow you to resume the examination and only if proctor finds it genuine. If proctor denies to resume the exam, you can make no claim to resume and/or attend the examination again.
  2. If examination is discontinued because of any network connectivity issues, you are requested to re-login immediately by using the same login credentials. When you resume the examination it will start from the last question you were viewing. All the previously attempted answers including the exam’s remaining time will be saved in the system automatically.
  3. If you minimizing examination browser during the course of examination, you will be terminated from the examination. You will not be allowed to resume again.
  4. You can complete the examination before the duration and/or the examination will be closed when the time duration of the examination gets over. It will automatically save all the questions you have answered.
  5. If you face any problems during the examination or have any queries with regard to the examination, you can communicate with your proctor. You can chat or talk to your proctor.

Other important instructions:

  1. You must keep in mind that your video and audio are recorded by a remote invigilator (Human Proctor). Therefore, it is strictly advised that you do not leave the seat during the examination. Such instances will be immediately recorded as a violation and examination will be suspended.
  2. If any you receive/ accept any phone calls and/or opens any other notifications/ windows/ browser during the examination and/or found during the verification of the recorded information, it will be considered as a violation examination rules and you will be terminated from the examination and/or your examination will not be considered for qualifying the admission.
  3. You must complete the examination within the time frame allotted for the exam.
  4. You will receive a pop-up alert before last 15 minutes of the examination duration.
  5. No washroom breaks and snack breaks are permitted during the exam.
  6. In case of assistance before the exam: If you have any technical queries or challenges before logging into the examination, please contact

    +91 74988 41627 / +91 85520 45082 / +91 74988 17501

    +91 95454 80371 / +91 90670 78903 / +91 95525 86428

  7. Once examination starts - all queries will be handled by Proctor. In case both technical team/ proctor not able address your issue, Hub Coordinator may contact you to help, it will be depend on the availability.
  8. Candidates who are visually challenged, locomotor and dyslexic:   1) As per directives of GOI, visually challenged, locomotor disability (both arm affected) and dyslexic candidates who are using a scribe/writer will be allowed 15 minutes compensatory time for the computer based test.
    2) . All the rules for candidates (not carrying cell phone, laptop, tablet, calculator, etc) apply to the scribe/writer. The qualification of the scribe should be one step below the candidate taking the test.
    3). The writer/scribe is expected to bring a bonafide certificate from their respective college to prove their present course of study.

  9.  How to use the system:

  1. How to start the test: You have to start the test by clicking the button "Proceed"
  2. How to change the question: For the move to the next question you have to click on the 'Save and Next' button the same as for move to the back, click on the 'Previous' button.
  3. How to answer a question: You can select any answer by clicking on the button displayed just before the answers. You have to finally click the button - Save and Next- to save your answer and move to the next question. In Exam Sections, the Red Circle corresponding to this question turns Green. You can go to any section / any question number by clicking the relevant control.
  4. How to skip the question: You can click the “Next Question" control to move on the next question  
  5. How to mark a question for review: If you want to review any question later, you have to click the "Review" checkbox. This answer will be marked for review. 
  6. How to Submit your test: By clicking On last question / Submit Test button one popup window displayed asking for "Are you sure, you want to Submit your test ?" You have to click on "YES" to submit your test. Submit button will be visible ONLY in the “Last Question”.
  7. For Image based question: You need to click on the image to view


Wish you all the best for your exams!




Common Problems encountered and its solutions

Q1. Any specific smart phones suggested?

Ans : All Android smart phones are supported. It is found there are some problems sometimes while using iOS, so would suggest NOT to use any iOS devices like iPhones, MACs, IPads etc.

Q2. What are the settings to be done before exam?

Ans : - Install latest version of Google Chrome Browser (Version 84.0.4147.89)

( - Turn off notifications from apps and pop-ups in browser

Q3. Can I make or receive phone calls during the exam?

Ans : No, Any incoming, outgoing call received/attended by you would be considered as a violation of BAT rules and you will be terminated from the examination.

Q4. Can I use any other application or receive notifications during exam?

Ans : No. All notifications will be considered as violation of BAT rules and you will be terminated from the examination, so it SHOULD be kept off.

Q5. If my internet connectivity is not good, what will happen?

Ans : You may still be able to appear for the exam, but you may face issues in terms of loading of the questions, answer submissions etc. You are required to appear from a place where there is a good connectivity. We suggest that you should have 1GB data before starting the examination to have a good examination experience.

Q6. What actions can cause system warnings/ terminations during the exam?

Ans : System warnings are shown to you:

  • When you switches the window and moves to another application
  • When you receives or makes any phone calls
  • Notifications on mobile device from other apps like WhatsApp etc.
  • Pop-Ups from the browser, including antivirus popups, grammar apps, news popups etc.
  • Ctr Alt & F5 key and browser refresh button are used while attending examination
  • Minimizing browser window can also terminate your examination
  • All applications on the device must be closed before starting the examination

Q7. If the online examination gets stuck during the exam, what should I do?

Ans : You can restart the device and login with the same credentials and explain to the proctor and if proctor allows you can continue the exam.

Q8. Can I change the device during the exam?

Ans : Yes, you can change your device and login with the same credentials with the consent of the proctor and the same will be recorded for verification. Without the consent, it will be treated as violation of the examination rules and your examination will not be considered for qualifying BAT.

Q9. If I am not able to log into the examination application, what should I do?

Ans: If you face any technical difficulty while logging in the application, you can call the examination helpline numbers +91 74988 41627 / +91 85520 45082 / +91 74988 17501 / +91 95454 80371 / +91 90670 78903 / +91 95525 86428.

Q10. If I have some difficulty DURING the exam, what should I do?

Ans : Once examination starts - all queries will be handled by Proctor ONLY. In case both technical team/ proctor not able address your issue, Hub Coordinator may contact you to help, it will be depend on the availability.

Q11. I have updated the Chrome browser but I am still facing a problem accessing the examination system. What should I do?

Ans : If you face any issues on Updated chrome browser then please try once with Updated Mozilla firefox browser. Please ensure it is working during the mock exam.

Q12. Can I use office laptops for taking the exams?
Ans : Not recommended. Office laptops sometimes have restrictions and will not allow access of all sites. So it needs to be avoided or tested in advance for compatibility.

Q13. At what time I should login to the examination system ?
Ans : You are supposed to log in to the examination system 60 minutes before scheduled time for ID verification processes and other technical checking. Late entries will not be permitted.




Assistant Registrar(Academic)

TISS, Mumbai Campus

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