Nirantar: Continuing Education Programmes (STP) Admissions

P. G. Certificate In Contemporary Education Perspectives and Research

Location: Mumbai

Centre: Centre for Education Innovation and Action Research

Intake: 50




  • Faculty of Education (from DIETs/CTEs/IASEs/Departments of Education/Teacher Education Institutes/CRPs & BRPs)
  • Education Administrators and Policy Makers in Central / State Governments (including BEOs, EOs, DDPIs), having an undergraduate degree in any discipline.
  • Personnel from Civil Society organisations (NGOs) and having a professional education degree (D.El.Ed//B.El.Ed/B.Ed) and an undergraduate degree in any discipline are eligible. 2 – 3 years of experience in education sector is desirable.






The Post Graduate Certificate in Contemporary Education Perspectives (PGC-CEP) is aimed at providing continuous professional development to faculty involved in teacher education, education administrators and policy makers. The programme is approved by the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) Academic Council and the Certificate (equivalent to 20 credits) will be awarded by the Tata Institute of Social Sciences.

The programme is offered in blended mode.



  • To develop perspectives on recent educational developments and current education reforms in India and the developing world.
  • To develop capabilities for research in areas of education, such as teacher education, policy and practice, inclusive education and pedagogic studies.
  • To enable practitioners to connect research findings and applied knowledge through a research-focused professional learning approach.


  • To provide opportunities for continuous professional development
  • To serve as a foundation for pursuing an academic/research career.



Semesterwise Courses:


The Programme will be offered in the blended mode. The programme will be held in 2 Cycles with 2 weeks of contact in each cycle + Online Classes and self-study in the distance period.

      Credits Contact Period Distance Total credits
        Cycle I Cycle 2    
    Compulsory courses Part A
  C1 Perspectives in Education 2 1 1   2 + 2 + 4 + 4 = 12 credits
  C2 Teacher Education 4 2 2  
  C3 Research Skills 2 1 1  
   C4 Research Project  4     4  
    PART B (Optional any one)          
  OT1 Policy and Practice 4 3   1 4 credits
  OT2 Inclusive Education 4 3   1
  OT3 ICT in Education 4 3   1
  OT4 School Leadership and Management 4 3   1
    PART C (Optional any one)          
  OP1 Pedagogy of Languages 4   3 1 4 Credits
  OP2 Pedagogy of Science 4   3 1
  OP3 Pedagogy of Social Sciences 4   3 1
  OP4 Pedagogy of Mathematics 4   3 1
    Total programme credits   7 Credits 7 Credits 6 Credits 20 credits


* 1 contact credit = 15 hours ; 1 distance credit = 30 hours; OT: Optional Thematic; OP: Optional Pedagogy

Medium of instruction: English

Modular option :

Based on specific requests from organisation and Government departments, individual courses will be offered. As and when such offers are made available, participants may take individual course and earn equivalent credits. Later they could register for the entire PGC-CEPR programme and transfer the credits towards programme completion.

Assessment :

The TISS’s eleven point grading scheme would be used for the evaluation of the programme. Students who enroll for the modular option will be evaluated by the same criteria to earn credits and will be provided with individual course completion certificates. Upon accruing 20 credits, programme completion certificate will be issued.



Fee Structure:

FEES (provisional) (Non-refundable)
Rs.40,000 /- per participant for complete programme
(for candidates who have completed modular course(s), there will be corresponding reduction in the fee).

Course fee payment:

Demand draft to be issued in favour of "Tata Institute of Social Sciences" payable at Mumbai and sent to the address given below.

Experienced faculty from TISS. We provide study materials, access to e-resources (including journals) and mentoring support.

The contact classes will take place at :

Tata Institutes of Social Science,

V.N. Purav Marg,Deonar, Mumbai 400088 Tel: +91 22 2552500/3/4 |



Download the application form, fill and send a PDF file via email with the subject line PGC-CEPR

Also courier a hard copy of the filled form along with the photograph

There may be a personal interview or test.

State Government and Institutes may nominate persons to the programme.


Pratima Zore - Programme Manager

Centre for Education, Innovation and Action Research (CEIAR) Tata Institutes of Social Science,

V.N,Purav Marg,Deonar, Mumbai 400088

Tel: +91 22 2552500/3/4; email : <>


Sumana Srikanth

Ph: 080-26564556