M.A. Admissions

Master of Arts (Women's Studies)

Location: Mumbai

School: School of Development Studies

Centre: Advanced Centre for Women's Studies

Intake: 28




The Master of Arts (Women's Studies), launched in 2009, builds on an earlier experience of teaching and research in Women’s Studies at TISS. Women’s Studies has had an organic link with the women’s movement along with struggles of all marginal groups in society, and is engaged with various academic disciplines to evolve a critical perspective on gender in society as well as in knowledge production.

Students in this programme are exposed to debates and areas of inter-disciplinary feminist research, and relevant methodologies. At the same time they will learn a range of analytical and field-based skills, which will equip them for professional careers in academic  as researchers and teachers; in journalism; in culture and the arts; as development workers and activists; in civil and administrative functions of the government, especially in women and gender departments; and in national and international organisations working on women and gender issues. In fact, this course will be useful to people from all fields who would like to us feminist knowledge to question, critique and make
changes in whatever area of work they may be involved in.

The faculty come from a range of disciplinary backgrounds in economics, anthropology, medicine, science studies, sociology, political science, legal studies, education, philosophy, language and literature, always incorporating a critical feminist approach.

Distribution of Credit Hours:


Year DetailCredit
First Foundation Course 4
Elective Foundation (CBCS) 2
Open Elective (CBCS) 2
Disciplinary Course (Compulsory) 24
Field Attachment 8
Second Disciplinary Course (Compulsory) 12
Disciplinary Course (Elective) 4
Research Dissertation 8
Total 64

Semesterwise Courses:

SemesterCourse CodeCourse TitlesCredit
I FC Foundation Course 4
DS 03 Methods of Social Research (Quantitative) 2
DS 23 Methods of Social Research (Quantitative) 2
WS 01 Women, History and Society: Feminist Theories and Perspectives 2
WS 02 Women’s Movement in India 2
WS 03 Feminist Science Studies 2
WS 22 Development, Feminist Politics and Praxis 4
Optional Course
DS 29* Social Research:  Design and Applications 2
II WS 05 Feminist Research Methodology/Practices 2
WS 06 Women and Work: History of Transformation 2
WS 08 Women, Sexualities and Violence 2
WS 18 Feminist Legal Studies 2
WS 21 Field Attachment with Analytical Report 8
WS 23 Caste, Class and Gender: Theoretical Perspectives 2
CBCS Eelective Foundation 2
CBCS Open Elective 2
III  Compulsory Courses 
WS 24 Identity, Women's Citizenship and Governance 2
WS 25 Feminist Perspectives on Gender and Health 2
WS 26 Women’s Issues in Tribal and Indigenous Communities 2
WS 27 Women's literature in South Asia: Representation Practices, Perspectives 2
WS 30 Gender and Public Policy: Concepts, Measures, Strategies 2
 Disciplinary Elective / optional Courses (Any 2)
WS 10 Gender Media and Culture 2
WS 29 Queering Feminism 2
WS 31 Family Structure and Violence within Families: Interventions by the state 2
IV WS 15 Gender Ideology and Education 2
WS 20 Research Dissertation 8

Students should opt for a total of 8 credits, out of which 4 credits are to be opted from the list of courses in this table.  The remaining 4 credits are to be opted from the list of CBCS Courses (2 credits from Foundation Electives and 2 credits from Open Electives) offered in Semester II.

*DS 29 is an optional for M.A. Women's Studies students and is connected to the DS 03 and DS 23 courses.


Note: The total number of credits, list of CBCS courses, and semester-wise listing of courses is provisional, and may undergo some changes.


Due to the current pandemic situation courses may be shifted or taught across semesters.

Fee Structure:


Components M.A. In Women‘s Studies
FEE Tuition Fee 12,000 12,000 12,000 12,000
Examination Fee 800 800 800 800
Health Centre Charges 100 0 0 0
CHARGES Field Work Charges 0 0 0 0
IT  Charges 1,000 1,000 1,000 1,000
Convocation Charges 0 0 0 2,000
ID Card Charges 300 0 0 0
FUNDS Students' Competency Fund 0 0 0 0
Internship Fund 0 0 0 0
Lab/Studio Fund 0 0 0 0
Development Fund 8,000 8,000 0 0
Students' Union Fund 500 500 500 500
Medical Insurance Fund 1,500 0 1,500 0
DEPOSITS Caution Deposit (Refundable at the time of exit from programme on submission of No Dues Certificate) 10,000 0 0 0
  Total Course Fee 34,200 22,300 15,800 16,300
  Hostel and Dining Hall Charges:      
Dining Hall (Advance) Charges 16,000 16,000 16,000 16,000
Hostel & Electricity Charges 15,000 15,000 15,000 15,000
  Total Charges 31,000 31,000 31,000 31,000
*Details under School        
Institute reserves the right to revise the Fee Structure of programmes if necessary.
Some Schools will organise Practicum / Study tour / Rural field work / Urban field work/Winter Institute, expenses for these are not shown in the above table. These expenses will have to be met by the students themselves at the time of the activity.


*Institute reserves the rights to revise the Fees Structure of programme if necessary.