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Programme Details

Master of Arts in Education and Technology

Location: Mumbai

Centre: Centre of Excellence in Teacher Education

Intake: 30


The MA in Education and Technology program is a full-time (one year) /part-time program aimed at building critical knowledge and pedagogies, equitable and sustainable perspectives, and practice in the area of education technology for established and aspiring professionals in the area.

The objective is to develop research and practice-based knowledge about contemporary issues, teaching and learning pedagogies, design development, adoption, and policy in education technology in the global and Indian education systems.

Program Structure

Our program is structured to accommodate working professionals in education, educational publishing, educational technology and other relevant areas. The curriculum is transacted face to face over 10 weeks; a distance learning approach is adopted including synchronous and asynchronous activities.

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Faculty Profile:

National and global academic experts, researchers, industry leaders, government officials and practitioners engaged with the field of educational technology.

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EdTech Talks

EdTech Talks, is a seminar series hosted by the Education Technology Research Group at the Centre of Excellence in Teacher Education (CETE), TISS, Mumbai. These seminars, featuring industry leaders, entrepreneurs, policy makers and academic researchers, serve as an exciting platform to delve into the latest advancements in the field. The series not only offers valuable insights to our MA students but also intends to engage our faculty and researchers in imagining the creative use of technology to improve equity, access and the quality of education. The seminars are followed by closed group interactions for the students of MA in Education and Technology with the invited seminar speakers.

1.  EdTech Talk

2.  EdTech Talk 1

3.  EdTech Talk 3

4.  EdTech Talk 4


Capstone Project

The MA Education and Technology capstone project (worth 6 credits) is designed to provide students with practical skills in edtech research and design. The project commences with research workshops that focus on essential research methods, including design-based research.

Students will have the opportunity to select or be assigned a field site for their capstone project. With the guidance of a field mentor and faculty member, they will complete a project that could entail creating an artefact, curriculum, prototype design, or conducting a pilot/usability study. In addition, they will design and implement an evaluation study specific to their field of expertise or provide guidelines and recommendations for policy.


Faculty Testimonials

The programme is thoughtfully designed and delivered by national and global experts to bridge the increasing need of building critical knowledge and perspectives, competence and values in the area of education and education technology in current and aspiring edtech professionals, leaders and educators.

-Dr. Amina Charania, Associate Professor, Lead M.A. in Education and Technology, CETE, TISS

Our M.A. in Education and Technology programme equips you to see educational technology through the lens of equity, inclusiveness, diversity and local contexts. Our aim is to enrich your practice with design/systems thinking, critical orientation and ethical considerations.

Anil Mammen, Professor of Practice, Chief Learning Designer - M.A. in Education and Technology, CETE, TISS


Student Testimonials

I applied for the MA Education and Technology (MAET) program through the TISSNET exam. The written test assessed critical thinking, English language proficiency, and general awareness. The interview with the panel was both engaging and enlightening, offering valuable insights into the course. My motivation for applying to this program was to expand my existing knowledge and discover new avenues for personal growth and research.

The MAET course stood out to me because of its diverse curriculum, focusing on establishing a solid educational foundation and examining each subject through the lens of technology. The faculty members bring a wealth of diverse backgrounds and have been incredibly supportive throughout our learning journey. Their dedication to ensuring each student comprehends and applies concepts practically is truly inspiring.

The course also facilitated industry connections through seminars and guest lectures. These experiences helped me grasp the course's relevance and understand our roles as tech educators within the industry, including the challenges we can address using technology.

Given my role as a learning and development professional, this course has significantly improved my understanding of my learners. I can now apply the various concepts learned in class to create tailored training materials and deliver them more effectively. I am enthusiastic about delving into research, learning, and exploring the intersection of education and technology from a fresh perspective. I am grateful to be part of this transformative journey.

Prachi Chandra, MAET student

Semesterwise Courses:

Courses Offered

Total: 42 Credits

Education Core Courses

12 Credits

Learners and Learning


Policy Institutions and Practices


Curriculum, Schools and Teacher


Key Ideas and Concepts in Education


Social Marginality and Inclusive Education


Core Courses in Education Technology

16 credits

Teaching and Learning with Technology in the 21st Century


Reflective Teaching with Information and Communication Technology (RTICT) Course on Any One Subject Pedagogy


Learning Design with Technology


Product Management for Education Technology


Education Technology - Policies and Their Adoption


Emerging Technologies


Capstone Project


Seminar On Education Technology Global Trends in Research and Practice


Specialization/Elective Courses (Any 3)

6 credits

Technology-Enabled Learning Support for Teachers


Computational Thinking


Assessment Using Technology


Assistive Technologies in Education


Subject Pedagogy Courses from Reflective Teaching with ICT (Other Than Selected in Core Courses)


Mentoring And Coaching (RTICT Course)


Fee Structure:


Master of Arts in Education and Technology-CEľE (One Year)

Fees Sem I Sem II
FEE Tuition Fee 1,40,000 1,40,000
Examination Fee 1,000 1,000

Field Education / Internship / Experiential Learning Charges 0 0
IT Charges 28,000 28,000
Library Charges 6,500 6,500
Other Charges( ID Card, Convocation & Misc.) * 2,500 0
FUNDS Students' Competency Fund 6,000 6,000
Lab / Studio Fund 0 0
Development Fund 10,000 0
Students' Union Fund * 500 500
Alumni Fund * 0 2000
Health Care Fund* 0 0
DEPOSITS Caution Deposits (Refundable at the time of exit from programme on submission of No Dues Certificate) 10,000 0
  Semester wise Course Fee 2,04,500 1,84,000
  Yearly Fees 3,88,500
  Total Course Fee 3,88,500
Institute reserves the right to revise the Fee Structure of programmes if necessary.
Expenses related to Practicum / Study tour / Rural field work / Urban field work/Winter Institute, if any, will have to be met by the students themselves at the time of the activity.
No fee concession is available for self-finanaced programmes.