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Programme Details

Master of Arts in Education and Technology

Location: Mumbai

Centre: Centre of Excellence in Teacher Education

Intake: 50



Unique features of the Program:

  • Situated within the values of equity, digital agency, and sustainability.
  • Draws from CETE’s excellence in teacher education, extensive engagement with education technology related field practice, research and professional development.
  • Flexible offering including Online (synchronous/ asynchronous), thus excellent opportunity for career progression for working professionals
  • Curriculum designed and taught by national and international academicians, practitioners including industry experts and policy decision makers.
  • Curriculum and capstone projects to situate learning in practice contexts (design-based research, product development, usability and management, learner assessments, etc.)

Who is this programme for


  • Early and mid-career professionals in the education/ education technology/ development sector.
  • Aspiring or current Education Technology start-up entrepreneurs
  • Teachers and teacher educators
  • Administrators and policy makers in education

Faculty Profile:

National and global academic experts, researchers, industry leaders, government officials and practitioners engaged with the field of educational technology.


National and International academic institutes, industry players, and government administration and civil society organizations.

Admission Process

Apply through the online application form at
Appear for the TISSNET examination, following which shortlisted candidates will appear for an interview.


Distribution of Credit Hours:


Education Core courses 12
Education Technology Core courses 16
Education Technology Elective/
Specialization courses
Capstone Project 6
Seminars 2
Total Credits 42 Credits

Semesterwise Courses:


Semester 1 Credits Semester 2 Credits
Core Education courses   Core Education courses  
Key Ideas and Concepts in Education 2 credits Policy Institutions and Practices 2 credits
Curriculum, School, and Teachers 3 credits Social Marginalisation and Inclusive Education 3 credits
Learners and Learning 2 credits    
Core Education Technology courses   Core Education Technology courses  
Teaching and Learning with Technology in the 21st century 2 credits RTICT course - on any one subject pedagogy 2 credits
Learning Design with Technology 2 credits Education Technology- Policies and their Adoption 4 credits
Product Management for Education Technology 4 credits Emerging Technologies 2 credits
Electives Education Technology courses   Electives Education Technology courses  
Assessments using Technology (Any one) 2 credits RTICT course - on any one subject pedagogy 2 credits
Mentoring for Teacher Professional Development Technology Enabled Learning Support for Teachers (Any one) 2 credits
    Computational Thinking
Seminar 1 credits Seminar 1 credits
*Capstone Project 2 credits *Capstone Project 4 credits


*Capstone Project- (6 credits): connected to selected specialization within the field of education technology. The credit hours will be spread across both semesters.

The programme is offered over two semesters, with two modules in each semester. Semester 1 includes a 5-day orientation week on campus.

Each 2 credits course will include online synchronous classes for 15 to 18 hours (1 credit) and 30 to 40 hours of asynchronous engagement (1 credit) in the course in the form of reading, discussions on platforms, mini-projects, practicum as well as main course work

Full time/ Part-time Engagement:

The programme design allows for part-time engagement. Learners may enroll for 8 credits per semester complete the programme in 2 to 4 years.

Fee Structure:



Master of Arts in Education and Technology-CEľE (One Year)

Fees Sem I Sem II
FEE Tuition Fee 1,40,000 1,40,000
Examination Fee 1,000 1,000

Field Education / Internship / Experiential Learning Charges 0 0
IT Charges 28,000 28,000
Library Charges 6,500 6,500
Other Charges( ID Card, Convocation & Misc.) * 2,500 0
FUNDS Students' Competency Fund 6,000 6,000
Lab / Studio Fund 0 0
Development Fund 10,000 0
Students' Union Fund * 500 500
Alumni Fund * 0 2000
Health Care Fund* 0 0
DEPOSITS Caution Deposits (Refundable at the time of exit from programme on submission of No Dues Certificate) 10,000 0
  Semester wise Course Fee 2,04,500 1,84,000
  Yearly Fees 3,88,500
  Total Course Fee 3,88,500
Institute reserves the right to revise the Fee Structure of programmes if necessary.
Expenses related to Practicum / Study tour / Rural field work / Urban field work/Winter Institute, if any, will have to be met by the students themselves at the time of the activity.
No fee concession is available for self-finanaced programmes.