Reservation Policy

For the Mumbai, Tuljapur and Hyderabad Campuses:


Reservation Policy for the year 2017-18 of seats is as per Government of India requirements:-

(a) Scheduled Castes (SC)

15% of the total seats.

(b) Schedule Tribes (ST)

7.5% of the total seats.

(c) Other Backward Classes (OBC( Non-Creamy Layers).

27% of the total seats.

(d) Persons With Disability:(supernumerary quota): As per Government of India requirement: the provisions under section 39 of Persons with Disabilities Act, 1995, 3% seats are reserved for persons with disabilities in admission requirements. The three categories of disabilities are: (a) low-vision/blindness, b) hearing impairment, and c) locomotor disability/cerebral palsy. This provision is applicable if the candidate suffers from any of the listed disabilities to the extent of not less than 40% as certified by medical authority as prescribed and explained in the said Act. Persons with visual impairment will be given an option to have a SCRIBE to assist them to complete the test. The SCRIBE should be an undergraduate student and should bring a valid ID proof at the time of the test.

(e) Kashmiri Migrants: Subject to the GoI directives.

(f) Armed Forces: Reservation of 5% seats (supernumerary quota) for Children/widows of personnel Armed/Paramilitary Forces killed/disabled in action during the hostilities in the following priority:-

Priority I : Widows/wards of Defense personnel/Para-Military Personnel killed in action.

Required Certificate: Proof in Original.

Priority II : Wards of serving Defense Personnel and ex-servicemen/Para-Military personnel disabled in action.

Required Certificate: Original disability certificate clearly indicating the disability is attributable to Military Services.

Priority III : Widows/wards of Defense Personnel/Para-Military Personnel who died in peace time with death attributable to Military Servie.

Required Certificate: Original death certificate clearly indicating the cause of death is attributable to Military Services.

Priority IV : Wards of Defense Personnel/Para-Military Personnel disabled in peace time with disability attributable to Military Service.

Required Certificate: Original disability certificate clearly indicating the disability is attributable to Military Services.

Priority V : Wards of serving Defense Personnel and ex-servicemen Para-Military/Police Personnel who are in receipt of Gallantry Awards.

Required Certificate: Proof in Original.

Priority VI : Wards of Defense Ex-servicemen.

Required Certificate: Original ex-servicemen Identity Card/discharge book/PPO(Pension Payment Order).

Priority VII : Wards of serving Defense Personnel.

Required Certificate: Original Service Identity Cards and Dependant Card/Cerificate issued by the Competent Authority.

For the Guwahati Campus

TISS Guwahati is meant to serve the eight states in the North-Eastern India and thus reserves 66% of the seats for candidates from these states. Specific quota is allotted for each of the eight states, and seat allotment for each of the states will be governed by the reservation policy of the respective state.

The remaining 34% of the seats are for candidates from rest of India. The GoI reservation policy will be applicable to these 34% of the seats.

Social Protection office

The Social Protection Office (SPO) was established at the Institute as per GoI and UGC directives with the honorary position of the Dean and Associate Dean occupied by the senior faculty members. SPO facilitates implementation and monitoring of reservation policies of appropriate authorities (updated / amended from time to time) for various categories as per Government of India and UGC directives. The SPO facilitates the overall welfare of the students, staff and faculty belonging to SC, ST, OBC (Non-creamy Layer), minority and PWD communities.

Special Activities of the Social Protection Office

1.  Pre-Admission Orientation

The Pre-Admission Orientation is organised by the SPO for all SC/ST/OBC(NC)/PWD/Minority candidates who have qualified to appear for the National Entrance Test of the Institute. The orientation programme is scheduled for about 2 days in the month of November/December every year at Mumbai/Tuljapur/Hyderabad/Guwahati.

The objective of this programme is to orient them about the whole process of the entrance test, various aspects of written test, group discussion and personal interview.  Besides, another important point which is touched upon is about the common mistakes that candidates make in the admission test and how to overcome those.  The candidates are also told about the facilities available for the eligible candidates.  It is all meant to help them feel confident.  This is followed by clarification of any doubts from the candidates.

2. Post-Admission Orientation

The SPO organises a post-admission orientation programme for new students at the beginning of the academic session (month of June). The main focus shall be on the course curriculum, guidance in selection of optional courses, acquainting them with the whole new multi-cultural and multi-lingual environment in the campus, and various facilities available to students.

In addition to this, various other coaching classes on life skills, personality development, writing and presentation skills etc. are also conducted by the SPO. Interactive sessions and also informal meetings with students are also conducted to help them deal with personal, social and academic problems. SPO ensures that the differently abled students have a barrier free environment and provide equal opportunities for a facilitative academic engagement.

Deputed Candidates

In the case of government officers/employees from Departments of Education/SCERTs/DIETs, teachers and resource persons applying for the M.A. Education (Elementary) programme, filled application forms may be sent via the relevant authority nominating the candidates. The selection of such candidates will be through a suitable screening process comprising documentary evidence of interest and motivation for the programme and/or interview.

Officers for other programmes deputed by the Central and State Governments and autonomous organisations for studying any of the Master’s Degree programmes will have to undergo a PI.

In the case of Defence Personnel applying for M.A./M.Sc. in Disaster Management, the eligible candidates will be called for a Written Test at TISS, and, if found eligible, for the PI also at TISS.

International Students:

Admission of International Students to all the Master's Degree programmes offered by TISS will be done through the International Students' Office (ISO) of TISS. Students will be admitted in the beginning of the degree programme. For customised short-term course, students can be admitted at any time during the year. All foreign nationals(holding citizenship other than Indian or in addition to that of Indian) are eligible to apply as International Students. For detailed information on Eligibility, Selection Procedure, Fees and On-line Application Form etc. please visit the ISO Information Brochure on TISS website.